Saturday, July 24, 2010

Adirondack Chairs

As I wrote about here earlier, I had two neglected Adirondack chairs that were overdue for new paint.
I found some bargain OOPS paint, a gallon for $5.00 at the big box store, and got to work. I was soon reminded that there are a lot of surfaces on two Adirondack chairs, which is probably why it's been so long since I last painted them.
Since the chairs are to be left out on the lawn, I remembered to soak their feet in good primer to help prevent the wood from rotting.

I scraped and primed the rest of the surfaces...

... and finally they were finished.

I like the "found" color just fine. Under a large shade tree on our front lawn, I think they look welcoming. And they give me a cool place to sit when I need to take a break from weeding the flower garden near the edge of the road.
One summer project completed, nine gazillion left to go.