Friday, July 16, 2010

Operation Paperback for deployed troops

Here's a special request from the good folks at Operation Paperback: Please help to spread the word. I will let them tell you in their own words, below. Thanks for any help you can give them.

Operation Paperback collects gently used books and sends them to American troops deployed overseas. Since 1999, we have shipped over 1.1 million books to locations around the globe. See more info at .

We need some special help. We have found that not all deployed personnel are aware of our program. We would like your help in getting the word out to all of our military communities.

We are specifically looking for ACTIVE-DUTY, NATIONAL GUARD, RESERVISTS AND THEIR SPOUSES to help us figure out how to reach everyone in the military community. We'd like to advertise in militarypublications, put announcements in on-base publications and bulletin/message boards, websites, email newsletters, contact individual FRG and ACS programs, etc etc. (I'm sure that folks in our military communities will have more (and better) ideas too.) We'd like to know your ideas, and also we'd like to hear from folks who have some time to help us make those ideas a reality.

Our goal is to have EVERY deployed troop know about Operation
Paperback. Please contact us if you can help!

General inquiries by email:

Chrissy Honeywell -

To request books for deployed troops -

Contact Us via Online Chat:
On Yahoo IM - OperationPaperback1999
On AOL IM - OpPaperback
Skype ID - OperationPaperback

Leave us a Voicemail:
Tel: 214-602-1726
Operation Paperback
PO Box 347
Dunstable, MA 0182

Chrissy Honeywell
Andrea Hoshmand
Recycled Reading For The Troops