Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer bargains

I have a couple of Adirondack chairs that are badly overdue for new paint. So yesterday, off to the big box store I went to pick up a gallon of exterior paint. As I was about to leave the paint department with a $26.00 can of white paint, I spied this mistinted can of the same product for five bucks. Hmmm, white chairs for $26.00 or lovely turquoise chairs for $5.00? Yeah, I went with the turquoise.

Back at home, I began this morning by sanding and scrubbing my sad-looking chairs. While I worked, I was treated to some lovely background music, compliments of Mother Nature.

From the little wooded ravine behind our house, a couple of wood thrushes were singing back and forth to each other. Echoing up the ravine, it is one of my favorite sounds. Hauntingly beautiful, really. If you've never heard a thrush, click on this link to take a listen.
Ah, discount paint and free music to work by. Good summer bargains, I think.
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"...after all, it is the thrifty people who are generous." ~Lord Rosebery

Wood thrush photo credit: naturecrusaders

Mug shots

Question: If the entire world stopped making coffee mugs today, how many years would it be before anyone noticed?

I love to browse through garage sales, thrift shops, and rummage sales. When ever I do, there is always a box (or ten) of unwanted coffee mugs.

My advice: never buy another coffee mug and certainly never give one as a gift. Trust me, your child's teacher (or your hairdresser or your assistant or your brother-in-law) already has a box just like this one in his or her basement.

And as for trade shows/conventions/annual meetings, the presence of the Ericsson and Dakin Farm Quality Foods mugs in the box above are proof that coffee mugs as give-aways will not necessarily be treasured forever.

Here's what I would do instead: Give each conference attendee a small business card that says, "In lieu of giving out coffee mugs this year, our company has made a donation in honor of this gathering to the local food pantry." And then make a generous donation. It's a win-win solution.