Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

This photo was taken of an ancestral family gathering on the 4th of July, 1902, in West Winfield, New York. My grandmother, Millie Stebbins (later, Holmes) is the young girl seated in a chair near the center. (See closeup, below.) Her sister Reba is to the right, seated on the ground. Her young cousin, Will Ruth, is the small boy seated on the ground to the left.

There are twenty-four people in the top photo and I can tell you the names of all but one of them. My grandmother and Aunt Jane were good chroniclers of family history and I am lucky to have several of their carefully labeled old family photos.

As you gather with family and friends this holiday, take lots of photos. And please label them and keep them safe. One hundred and eight years from now, someone will enjoy looking at them and knowing who everyone was.

Happy July 4th, to my own dear children, far and near, from Afghanistan to Oregon, and places in between. Let's all try to be in one place together some 4th of July soon. I'd really like that.

For now, please keep safe and be well. I love you all, Mom

Note: The people in the photo above, listed roughly left to right by my late Aunt Jane Holmes Kinsley, are Uncle Park Bardin, Blanche Bardin, Rena Bardin (wife of Earl), Irma Ruth, Laura Brigham Townsend, Grandma Stebbins, Aunt Clara Brigham, Mother (Millie Stebbins Holmes), Will Ruth, Aunt Fanny Bardin, Vin Ruth, Uncle Edwin Ruth, Great Grandma Brigham, Aunt Reba, Aunt Ellen Ruth, (then the mystery person), Uncle Orey Brigham, Edwin Ruth, Hal Ruth, Grandpa Stebbins (Bapa), Ward Bardin, Earl Bardin, Ward Brigham, Clarence Brigham.

Click once or twice on the top photo for a closer view.