Saturday, June 26, 2010

A summer Saturday, right up my alley

Gardens and antiques may not make everyone's heart go pittypat but I sure do enjoying looking at both.
Thus, I headed out to the Schenectady Stockade bright and early today to check out their Secret Garden Tour. This interesting historic urban neighborhood offers lots of good things to look at. The tour itself was well-organized and definitely worth the trip.

The top two photos are of an Asian-themed garden that was cheerful and inviting. I admired the red table umbrella and the many small touches and surprises among the plants.

Another garden, below, had a shabby chic theme that had me thinking about tea and muffins.

All of the gardens in the Stockade are small by suburban standards but each managed to provide a quiet, relaxing space with privacy.

The garden below (next two pictures) packed a visual punch with bright red and yellow, yet it felt calming and welcoming.

This pretty house, below...

...with its interesting history...

...has an inviting entrance to its garden.

The garden has a circular shape which was echoed in the decorations, like this piece of industrial something-or-other.

The cheerful owner of this last garden, below, was out talking about how her friend had designed it for her. The owner, who has some physical limitations, wanted vivid color she could enjoy from her porch and raised beds for easier access. (Her cat, however, didn't seem to be enjoying all the fuss.)

Much of the garden is in these two bright colors and somehow it all works.

Several other gardens were on the tour today, all of them lovely, and I look forward to going again next year.

For some years, the Handsome Husband has wistfully talked about moving to the Stockade. Although it presents the usual challenges of urban living (parking and snow removal are issues) and has a tendency to flood in the spring (it is located on the banks of the Mohawk River) I concede that it is a very charming neighborhood.

On the way home from Schenectady, I swung by the Round Lake Antiques Festival. Round Lake is yet another appealing historic community and this festival always seems to be well-attended.

I checked out some (real) vintage garden accessories as well as...

... some fake ones. I wouldn't mind the faux vintage stuff, but when the show is billed as an antiques festival, I think the fakes should be clearly labeled as reproductions.

I noticed that a lot of dealers were featuring vintage sewing and needlecraft items this year. Perhaps the poor economy is inspiring renewed interest in mending.

I thought about buying these three oars, just as they were displayed. They would, I think, make a charming garden support for sweet peas or morning glories. If I owned a lakeside cottage, they would have come home with me, for sure.

But I was abstemious and bought nothing at all this day. It seems sensible to make better use of the *stuff* I already own before adding anything new.

What garden treasures did you find this weekend?