Friday, June 25, 2010

My children's garden

Ah, the school year is over and my summer has officially begun (insert contented sigh here).

After a brief morning gathering at work, we were set free until whenever our guilt/restlessness/professionalism draws us back to prepare for the next school year. For some, that will be next week. For others, it won't be until the absolute last moment allowed by our contract. I hope to be somewhere in the middle on this timeline.

Today's weather is perfect for late June, so I have begun weeding and snipping, trying to salvage my garden from weeks of neglect. When I went inside for a drink of water, my little neighbor, above, decided to have her lunch on the front step. She is eating fruit from the ornamental crab apple that grows near our porch.

For many years I have planted a small garden or patio pots in honor of my three children: Johnny jump-ups, Mary-golds, and Tom-atoes. But our family has grown and I am struggling to come up with plants for all of the spouses and grandchildren. Granddaughter Marjorie Sage was easy: a pot of the herbs sweet marjoram and purple sage. Her pretty mother, my daughter-in-law, Kristin, was more of a challenge. Some time ago I bought a daylily whose cultivar name was Kristen something (different spelling) but I've now forgotten exactly which daylily that was. I think I need to start over. Is Kristin-santhemum too much of a reach?

And now we have son-in-law, Jason, and his daughter, Alexia, called Lexi.
A pot of leeks(ia) perhaps?

A Google search helped me find Jasione perennis 'Blue Light' (common name, Sheep's Bit) but this would require too much explaining, I think. So I will keep pondering as I weed.

I hope that in the future my children will get their priorities straight.

Note to Tom, my still single youngest child: Please only date girls with names like Iris or Lily.

Note to the two married couples: Rose or Sweet William are nice names, don't you think, for any future bambinos?