Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spiffing up Malta

Malta trails clean-up day was held Saturday and lots of folks were out helping. Working along the nine or so parks and trail systems throughout the town, folks picked up litter on a stunningly beautiful spring morning.

The HH* and I were out doing our part. The good news is, there was not a ton of litter to pick up. Most of what I found looked like this, below, near a playground: the odd piece of wrapping from a child's snack.

I was pleased that there was nothing too alarming to find, no deliberate illegal dumping of tires or appliances or anything like that. Maybe the world is becoming more civilized.

The HH* is on the town trail committee, and he and some fellow Rotarians cleaned up the Malta Community Park.

Below here are Ann and Pastor Peter Klotz (he also a Malta town councilman) along with Arlene, Helen, Kathy, and Al.

And here below is Arlene Schmidt with the HH* (AKA, Bob Conner, of PlanetAlbany.)

Following our part in the clean up, we went back to Shenantaha Creek Park and met up with folks who had been working at other locations.

Maggi Ruisi and Tara Thomas, both town councilwomen, had been doing their part...

along with about one hundred capital district youth rugby players, both boys and girls, and some folks from the Luna Chix Mountain Bike team .

We all got to enjoy a cookout, sponsored by the town and the trail committee. Below, trail committee members Rob Roy, Jim Todt, and Bob Conner were keeping an eye on the burgers.

This is a good event, successfully coordinated by John Rudick and Maggi Ruisi and by town officials like Parks and Recreation director Audrey Ball. It was good to see a number of town council people there (in addition to those pictured, we also spotted John Hartzell) and amusing because some of the trash pulled out of the woods included a few of last fall's political campaign signs.

In the end, the bulk of the trash from nine parks and trails made a modest pile (there was a bit more to be added after this photo, but nothing horrible). I think that's encouraging and speaks well of the folks of Malta. Belated happy Earth Day, friends!

* HH = Handsome Husband