Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rachael Ray at Lake George High School

I didn't know her when she was a student, but Rachael Ray once attended the high school where I have taught for the past 19 years.
Tonight, as she has for the past 8 years, Rachael Ray returned to spend an evening cooking and bantering with a mostly local audience in the high school auditorium.
The money raised from this event goes to scholarships and for technology and media purchases for the high school.
Like Ms. Ray or not, I give her credit for being such a good sport about helping her old high school.
And I like that she is loyal to the same pizzeria that she has patronized since the age of 13, The Harvest, in Queensbury, which, of course, has named her favorite pizza after her.
Tonight, Rachael Ray was relaxed, funny, and happy to pose for pictures with students from the audience. But to one young girl's disappointment, Ms. Ray could not remember which locker had been hers in high school.
"I'm 41 now," Ms. Ray laughed. "I don't remember what I did last week!"
Too bad about the locker, though. We could have put a plaque on it.