Friday, April 16, 2010

Book'em, Danno.

Old books R us. I have no trouble finding free old books. My high school's excellent librarian judiciously weeds the collection each spring, replacing worn and damaged tomes with new and updated books.
Many of these well-used books have no monetary value and so they become free for the taking. They may be stained or have missing pages and so are not worth saving as books, per se. Yet I always take some, especially if they have interesting old illustrations.
I keep thinking: I can do something with these.

Last year, inspired by birdhouses like these below (which cost a mere $120)...

... I bought a cheap craft store birdhouse to try to make my own version. I decoupaged some old book illustrations to the outside, but the book covers were too big (or the birdhouse was too small) to make the roof work as I had planned. I skipped that part and just painted the roof.

Which left me with twenty or thirty wonderful old books untouched, along with a potential supply of many more.
What to do?
I have turned to the Internet for inspiration.

I like this idea from re-nest a lot:

Colorful - but could I pull that off? It looks good here, but it could easily become a mess in my clumsy hands. (Remember, I couldn't even get the birdhouse idea to work as planned.)

I think these shelves are neat, but I would need to do more research to see exactly how it was done.

Another idea I like is this table, but the books I have are not long and thin, like these are. Still, I could probably figure something out to make this work.
The gardener in me finds this idea appealing.

And then there's this idea, from Great Green Goods.
Summer will be here soon, and I will have time to experiment. If anything comes of all this, I will be sure to share. And in the meantime, perhaps I will stick to just reading books. What a concept!