Sunday, March 7, 2010

Not quite yet

Here in the north country, it's not quite time for garage sales yet. We have to get rid of all the snow first and then let Mud Season run its course. But in the mean time, I did manage to visit a couple of favorite thrift shops yesterday and scored some things for the craft room I'm determined to set up this spring.

Above, posed prettily in the snow on my back deck, is a small canister which I will use to corral odds and ends. I liked the vintage-looking pale green glass vase, too. Also in the thrift shop, I found some knitting needles in sizes I didn't yet own, a good buy.
Not very long ago, this was the view from my front porch. But today is mild and sunny, nearly 50 degrees, and the birds are a-twitter in the woods. A bluebird came to check out our feeders this morning but I am not sure if he found anything appealing there.
Soon, soon, all of nature seems to be saying.
I am ready, I answer.