Sunday, February 7, 2010

Gearing up to Garden with Keith Davitt and Kerry Mendez

Here in upstate New York, this is about the extent of what one can hope to do in the way of flower gardening in mid-February. In my family room, I have a left-over poinsettia (hey, color is color) three amaryllises in staggered stages, a pot of paperwhites about to bloom, and two "resting" African violets.
So it is no wonder that I eagerly hied myself over to the Ballston Spa Library Saturday morning to hear Keith Davitt and Kerry Ann Mendez, two local gardening experts.
Keith Davitt is a landscape architect and the author of several books . Most of his work seems to be for wealthy people who do not do their own gardening. Nonetheless, it was interesting to see his before and after photographs and hear him discuss how he tackled some very challenging garden overhauls.
Below, Ballston Spa resident Kerry Ann Mendez shows how she has developed her own garden over the past twenty years. She, too, has written a book which is due out soon. The title is something like: The Ultimate Flower Gardener's Top Ten Lists;
Money Saving Shortcuts, Design Tips and Smart Plant Picks for zones 3, 4 and 5. Bee Balm Gal is looking forward to buying a copy, since Ms. Mendez lives only a mile or two from here, and truly has an amazing garden on her modest village lot.
You can read more about Kerry Mendez and her business, Perennially Yours here.
Now that I am freshly inspired, I only need a spring thaw to get into action. In the mean time, I should probably re-pot those lackluster violets.