Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Things We Inherit

Now that the Overdue Blue (afghan) has been mailed off, I have begun to whittle away at the stash of yarn lurking in dark closets upstairs. Along with the yarn, I seem to have acquired an ample supply of vintage patterns and books. Many of these I inherited from my mother and grandmother.

I love using the old craft books and cookbooks that once belonged to these good ladies. Many of the patterns and recipes have faint notes written on them. Coming across their familiar handwriting on a page always gives my heart a little tug. Both of these ladies have been gone for many years now, but I feel that they are still giving me loving advice when I find a recipe note to "chill longer" or "use less liquid".

The booklet pictured above was my mother's and has a 1953 copyright. It is from the Bernhard Ulmann Company and contains a plethora of basic patterns, a few of which I have used before. With its 30 cent price tag, I can safely say that my family has gotten its money's worth from this original investment.

Apparently I am not alone in my fondness for good old basic patterns. I found a web site that has the patterns from this very booklet listed for free on line. (I note that their edition cost a whopping 50 cents - such inflation!)

Shortly, I will begin making the Classic Mittens from the pattern you can find here. The directions give the knitter a choice of a two needle or a four needle version. I am going to try to duplicate the colors of the Kate Spade mittens I wrote about earlier. Of course, back then they were $75.00 mittens. They are a better deal now, reduced to $53.00.

I have some suitable pink and white yarn on hand for this project. Now I just need to locate a bit of that bright orange. Oh, gosh, I am going to end up buying more yarn, aren't I?

That's OK. Mom Coombs and Grandma Holmes have left me well-supplied with enough patterns to use it all up.