Saturday, January 16, 2010

Adding Insult to Injury

Devoted readers of this blog may recall that the Handsome Husband and I stepped out on New Year's Eve and enjoyed First Night in Saratoga Springs a few weeks ago. Early in the evening, as we were dashing from one venue to another, we heard sirens and emergency vehicles zoomed past us as we crossed the street.

Oh, dear, we thought. Someone has been hurt or taken ill.

The next day, our local paper informed us that a couple of a certain age had been struck by a car as they crossed Broadway, the main drag of Saratoga Springs, during the early evening First Night festivities. Badly hurt, they had been taken directly to Albany Medical Center.

This week we learned that Warren and Katherine Frederick, ages 59 and 60, respectively, have been ticketed for "suddenly entering the road" on December 31. Alcohol, the newspaper tells us, was not a factor. Both Mr. and Mrs. Frederick are due in Saratoga Springs City Court on February 24.

As one half of a similarly-aged couple (the HH* wishes me to re-word this as "slightly younger" couple) who was also zipping around Saratoga Springs that night, I find these charges a bit, uh, harsh. Talk about adding insult to injury!

Welcome to tourist-friendly Saratoga Springs, folks! Next time, Mr. and Mrs. Middle-Aged Couple, just stay home and mail your money in, wouldja please? You need to stop cluttering up our streets with your broken bodies.

* HH = Handsome Husband