Friday, January 1, 2010

First Night in Saratoga - Happy New Year, 2010!

So it turns out, there's a dance or two in the old folks yet. Last night, the Handsome Husband and I headed to near by Saratoga Springs for their annual First Night celebration.
With literally dozens of acts to choose from at over thirty venues, we hit a mixture of new-to-us performers along with some old favorites.
We began our evening at St. Paul's Lutheran Church (above) with the Heavenly Echoes Gospel singers from Albany, NY. (Click here to find a video link from a performance earlier this December and a better photo than mine.) The HH said they made him want to join a gospel choir.
Next, we saw Sonny and Perley at the Arts Council, performing jazz, Brazilian, and American standards.
By then, it was 8:00 and we popped in to the Cantina Restaurant for an adult beverage and some supper.

Warmed up and well-fed, we headed out for more entertainment. Couldn't get into Caffe Lena (already full) so opted for some old "friends" of ours, Al and Kathy Bain, who the HH and I had seen perform on a very early date together some twenty-six and a half years ago. They've held up well, as, I like to think, have we...

Next stop: the Joey Thomas Big Band at the City Center where we joined in with the enthusiastic crowd for a couple of slow dances. The many couples, both young and old, doing accomplished jitterbugging (below) was impressive. Makes me think there is hope for civilization.
The final performance we watched was a small group from the Lake George Opera singing at St. Peter's Church, below.

At midnight, we joined the crowds around Congress Park for the countdown and some fireworks.

Happy New Year!