Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thee was looking out of the wrong window, Dear.

Christmas is over and our company has headed home. It was wonderful to see our soldier-daughter and her soldier-husband for the holidays, our first visit with her since her return from Afghanistan.

Likewise, it was good to see our youngest son, my two sisters, assorted nieces and nephew, and some old family friends.

But today, there is nothing to bake, nothing to wrap, and no mailing deadlines to meet.

Here in upstate New York, the day is sunny and clear but the wind doth howl and the temperature is hovering around 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The bird feeders are busy and the dogs don't want to stay out long.

One might succumb to post-holiday blues or cabin fever on a day like this, or one can sit in peace and enjoy the quiet aftermath of the busy holiday. It all depends which window one chooses to look out of.

Here, I re-gift to you a good present. Over at A Way to Garden , Margaret Roach has a link to a wonderful video of the late Ruth Stout. Whether you garden or not, this dear lady has some wonderful advice about gardening (naked) and living a free-thinking life. The three linked videos conclude with the quote I have used to title this post. I recommend watching these (especially parts two and three) when you have a quiet moment to spare. You may just start the New Year with a fresh way of looking at life.

Keep warm and safe travels...