Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Yessss! A snow day!

Yippee! No school today. Mother Nature granted my wish for a quiet day at home.
No doubt I should be addressing Christmas cards and vacuuming neglected corners instead of blogging, but what the hay.
Our chief dog, Daisy, and her deputy backup, Shea, were excited to watch the birds swoop in and out of our yard as they (the birds) visited our feeders at the height of the storm.

The HH* said I should be sure to publish these photos to prove that Shea does not always cringe, as she did in this October post.

I like this photo because Shea's wagging tail is just a blur.

Thanks to my sister, MEC, and to young friend Matt for encouraging comments regarding my photos. Maybe if I offer to make Matt dinner one night he'll give me another lesson in how to use my camera more effectively...
The best perk of having today off was a good long phone visit with our daughter Molly, now in Tennessee. It's so good to have her back on this continent after months of her deployment in Afghanistan. Can't wait to have her home for Christmas.
Keep warm and safe today, dear ones.

*HH =Handsome Husband