Saturday, November 7, 2009

At the Ballston Spa Winter Farmers' Market

I love going to the local farmers' markets on Saturday morning, when I can remember to get myself up and out for them. This year, our village market is going to try to keep going through the winter by opening once a month in the cooperative extension building. In nearby Saratoga Springs, they have a somewhat larger market that is open every Saturday in winter
Upstate New York has a short growing season, but there were still some good eats to find at today's market in Ballston Spa. Here's where my money went this morning:
  • Mr. Martel of Blue Moon Sharpening Service put a new edge on three of my favorite old kitchen knives. With turkey-carving season upon us, I try to get my knives professionally sharpened around this time of year.
  • For produce, I chose some lovely baby lettuces, a small acorn squash (along with a free recipe for Apple Filled Squash) and two varieties of potatoes, one with gold flesh and some Adirondack Blues. I love the name.
  • Baked goods, from three different vendors, included a chocolate almond zucchini dessert bread, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (proceeds to go for the young seller's college fund - how could I not?) a whole wheat crisp bread, and a seasoned French bread made with local and organic ingredients.
  • I also bought a homemade asiago cheese, artichoke, and spinach dip, intended to be served warmed.

So supper tonight will be a hearty chicken soup, starting with some leftover chicken, to which I will add some vegetables and my newly purchased local potatoes. I will serve it with the locally made French bread and warmed cheese spread, with a choice of one of the chocolaty things for dessert. And tomorrow, maybe I will try that apple filled squash recipe... Yum!