Sunday, November 1, 2009

On Galumphing Golden Retrievers and Tow-headed Tots

On Saturday afternoon, I took our wee beasties to Saratoga State Park where there is a corner used as an unofficial dog park. Most of the dogs there have heads bigger than our entire dogs, but our gals still enjoy a bit of off-leash time there. So here's my vignette of the day:

Thirty-something guy is throwing a tennis ball to his tall galumphing golden retriever, who eagerly chases it time and again. The guy stops to rest the dog and chat with an acquaintance. Dog waits a minute, eyes fixed on his owner, then perceives there is no ball toss imminent. Dog turns away and spies autumn leaves drifting down from nearby trees and begins to attempt to catch those in mid-air. Dog spends the next few minutes happily leaping about, snapping left and right as the leaves flutter past...
We have two sweet little fair-haired girls in our lives: lovely granddaughter Margie Moo on the west coast and equally lovely step-granddaughter 'Lexi Loo in Oklahoma. The trouble is, they both live great distances from upstate New York. With their ages at 2 1/2 and 4 respectively, grandmothering from afar takes some planning. I am always trying to think of some little thing I can send them for upcoming holidays to let them know that they are in my thoughts.
So here is what they'll be getting from Grandma for Thanksgiving:

We have here a small storybook each; two Tom Turkey and Priscilla the Pilgrim Girl sticker paper doll books, and each will get a sweet little handcrafted wooden turkey made in Germany. But shhhh - don't spoil the surprise!

How do you keep in touch with your far away little ones?