Saturday, October 31, 2009

All Hallows' Eve, All Quiet

I hear tales of folks who get 300 Trick-or-Treaters at the door on Halloween, but divide that number by 100 for our visitors tonight. Yup, just three. Two neighborhood brothers and their friend stopped by around 7:15 and we were all done. Anybody want a Kit Kat?

It could be that the drizzly weather discouraged some families, but I think Trick-or-Treating may be on its way out. Most people I know don't really want their kids out wandering around in the dark scarfing candy.
And then there's today's local news that we may have two unsolved murders of teenage girls in our neck of the woods. That probably gave a few parents pause...
Scary masks and costumes are one thing, but when the evil is real, it is not so amusing.

I hope all of the little Disney princesses and superheroes in your life are home safe and sound.

And enjoy that extra hour we get back tonight...