Saturday, October 24, 2009

What I bought for $8.00 at three garage sales: What's it worth?

I am a little behind with my posts, but a gray rainy Saturday is a good time for catching up on blog entries I've been thinking about.

On Columbus Day weekend, I dashed out for a few end-of-season garage sales and spent a whopping $8.00 on the items you see below. I thought it might be fun to see how I did.
The first items I bought were two Revere copper-bottomed saucepans for a buck each. (I probably could have dickered, but even I have some pride...) I had been thinking that with the holidays coming up, I should buy a couple more saucepans and voila - along came two that matched what I already owned. Purchased new, individually, the 2-quart pan can sell for $29.99 and the 3-quart for $34.99. So for what could have been as much as a $65.00 retail purchase, I paid just $2.00 for items in perfect condition.

The little orange stoneware pot was an impulse buy for fifty cents. It is marked "Oxford Stoneware Made in USA". It's bright orange color seemed right for the season, good for a small bouquet at Thanksgiving or to fill with candy corn for Halloween. I did find a similar bowl in turquoise on a dealer's website for $30.00 (plus shipping and handling and insurance).

About the similar (but turquoise) bowl, the dealer says: "The bottom is marked Oxford Stoneware, which you’d think would date it to 1913-1934, the period during which Oxford Pottery Company operated in Cambridge, OH, before being acquired by Universal Potteries. However, Universal continued to produce stoneware under the Oxford name until it ceased doing business in 1976."
So I don't know the age of my pot or just what it's worth, but for fifty cents, I can hardly feel that I overpaid.

Next, let's look at the old platter with the tiny green botanical trim. It's a bit stained and crazed, to be honest, but it called to me. It was also my most expensive purchase of the day at $2.50. Marked "Buffalo Pottery", it's their "Princess" pattern. At Replacements, Ltd. where they offer only a few odds and ends of this pattern, prices range from $32.98 to $209.95. Even a damaged lid without its bowl costs $99.95. I made out OK with this piece, too, it seems.

Here, I offer for your consideration this milk glass bowl for which I paid $1.50. Compare mine to one listed at Eddie Ross's Etsy store for $45.00 plus $14.00 shipping. They are identical.
The last and most humble of my purchases was this cheerful yellow bowl, in perfect condition, marked dishwasher and microwave safe.

This, too, was $1.50. But for an extra serving bowl for the holidays, I didn't quibble. New, I'm guessing I could find something similar at a discount store for $10 or $12.

So how did I do for eight bucks in about an hour one cool autumn Saturday morning? I estimate the total retail value of these items (not including tax or shipping or insurance, which could be considerable)
to be approximately $250.00. And that's what's so fun about garage sales.
Now tell me about the great buys you have found at yard sales or thrift shops. Please share!

Note to my children: When I kick the bucket, please don't just chuck all of this stuff in a dumpster. That old platter may be worth more than you'd think... Love, Mom