Sunday, October 18, 2009

Richard Russo in Glens Falls, NY

Last Friday night, the Handsome Husband and I rambled up to Glens Falls, NY, to hear author Richard Russo speak at the lovely Crandall Library there. We both like Russo's writing, having been introduced to him years ago through his early book, The Risk Pool, which takes place in this general part of the world. Over the years, we've foisted copies of his novels on visiting relatives, leaving our own library somewhat depleted of his work.

On Friday, we restocked a bit, buying Russo's new book, That Old Cape Magic (HH* has already finished it). We are now the happy owners of a signed first edition. We also purchased a paperback copy of one of my favorites, Nobody's Fool, which Russo also signed.
In response to an audience question about what he likes to read, Russo mentioned that he had been a judge for the 2009 PEN Hemingway award for a distinguished first book of fiction. He rattled off a list of his recommendations from the first novels and short story collections that he read this past year. You can see them here at the Red Fox Books (Glens Falls) website.
I plan to add them to my own reading list.
Russo was a good speaker. He's been on a long tour promoting his latest book. When asked, he said that he wasn't tired of being asked the same questions over and over, but he was very sick of his own same answers.
And as for the speedy reading HH*, he gives That Old Cape Magic a thumbs-up.
* HH = Handsome Husband