Friday, October 9, 2009

Molly Red Riding Hood

Twenty years ago this month, my biggest worry was that I needed to finish my then four-year-old daughter's homemade Little Red Riding Hood costume in time for her nursery school Halloween party. That was then...
Last night, we heard from our now grown up soldier daughter that she had reached Germany safely, on her way back to the USA after completing her first tour of duty in Afghanistan. The real dangers of this world have been all too clear to us these last months. Far worse than fairytale wolves lurk in the far hills of Afghanistan.

I slept better last night. I am so relieved that our daughter is safe. I continue to pray for the sons and daughters of others who are still in harm's way. And I thank them for putting their lives on the line, trying to keep the big bad wolves away from our homes.

I am very proud that, like the brave Little Red Riding Hood, our daughter has faced a dangerous and difficult assignment and come through it. Welcome back, Molls. We love you very much.