Sunday, October 4, 2009

How to find tag sale bounty even when you're not really trying...

I love garage sales. I just do. They are like treasure hunts. And since my flinch point is quite low, I rarely spend more than a few dollars (and often much less) for things I enjoy having. There is the added satisfaction of reusing or repurposing something that is no longer wanted by someone else. Even our family dogs are second-hand pets.

Driving back from Vermont yesterday, the HH* and I eschewed the popular Hildene Craft Fair (too rainy, too expensive) and stopped instead at the odd tag sale and library used book sale we happened to pass. We weren't really looking for anything in particular. We just had time to dawdle along the pretty Vermont country roads in autumn. Why not stop and look?

I found a pretty little needlepoint pillow with a dog motif, and since I am a dog person, it appealed to me. Although the breed doesn't match either of the dogs in our pack, the pose is reminiscent of both:

Daisy, the used American Eskimo Spitz, we adopted a few years ago from The SPCA of Upstate New York and ...
Shea, the Jack Russell-Chihuahua mix, who came to us from the streets of Puerto Rico via Adirondack Save-A-Stray. (She's not looking too happy here because she thinks I might be trying to put some of the anti-flea and tick stuff on her that she so dislikes.)
Another good find yesterday was a 1940 Gladys Taber book (speaking of dog lovers) that my husband spotted, knowing I would enjoy it. This one is Harvest at Stillmeadow and I think it is the first one she wrote in the Stillmeadow series. It is also a first edition. It cost three bucks. Dogs, autumn, New England, we had a theme going here.
Bargain number three in the top photo is a pristine copy of Barbara Milo Ohrbach's Antiques At Home for which I paid a whopping $5.00. But since a new copy retails for $32.00, not too bad. Used copies can be bought for less but my copy is autographed by the author and my money went to support the Martha Canfield Library in Arlington, Vermont.

And lastly, the library book sale yielded a nice assortment of books for my young granddaughter who loves to be read to. Who Beats the Heat and Cactus Hotel will be perfect for her since she lives in the high desert and already knows lots about the animals that live there.
The HH* bought an armload of books, too, which always makes him happy.
Our last Vermont bargain was from the good ladies of St. James church
who were selling ready-to-eat homemade meals. I bought two, at $4.00 a piece. Last night we ate a delicious white bean, pork, and roasted vegetable stew for our supper. As I write this, stew #2, beef with vegetables, is heating up for our Sunday lunch. Yum.
What bargains did you find this weekend?

*HH = Handsome Husband