Saturday, October 3, 2009

The changing fruit of modern family trees

The HH* and I drove over to Vermont today to have lunch with Barbara and Larry, the parents of our daughter-in-law. These good folks live in the Midwest but they are visiting friends in Vermont this week. By coincidence, Barbara and Larry's friends have a vacation home in the same town where my first husband now lives with his fiancee and her daughter. Dan, my ex, is the father of my son who is married to Barbara and Larry's daughter. (Lost yet?) Anyway, we all met at Dan's place for lunch. It was a pleasant meal and it was good that we were all able to get together.

It occurred to me that the granddaughter we all share will have her work cut out for her, figuring out how all these people are related to her and to each other. But I am glad for her that we can all get along and that she will not have to put up with the scenes and secrets that so many blended families are cursed with. In-laws, step-grandparents, step-aunts, family can come in many shapes and sizes. I look forward to many reunions of this particular group of people: at Margie's high school and college graduations and at her wedding, at the very least. Save me a seat, please.

*HH = Handsome Husband
The photo above is of an old apple tree at the back of Dan's house in Vermont.