Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Last Days of Chez Sophie

It's the end of an era. Chez Sophie has been a popular restaurant for special occasion dining in Saratoga for a good many years, but it will close forever on September 30. Our friend Lou drove out from Rochester to catch the final Saturday night. We joined him and ate very well. Both Lou and the HH* are former Daily Gazette (Schenectady, NY) employees and they knew Cheryl Clark when she, too, worked there. Cheryl married Paul Parker, son of Sophie, and for the last several years they have been running the restaurant. But the strain on the two parents managing a busy restaurant in a tough economy while raising two little ones prompted them to think about making some changes. So they are heading to France to live and Chez Sophie will soon be no more.

Cheryl wrote: This fall we are moving with Nico and Léo to a glorious vineyard in the south of France. We will be working as a family to market and present the property as a vacation destination (complete with a cooking seminars with Chef Paul) and helping to restore a medieval castle on the site. We'll serve guests meals from local produce cooked over olive wood and grapevines in an eight-foot wide fireplace under the vaulted stone ceiling of a 15th century farmhouse.

We wish them bonne chance and bon voyage.

Pictured here left to right: Bob Conner (PlanetAlbany), Cheryl Clark of Chez Sophie, and Lou Rappaport, retired Gazetteer.

* HH = Handsome Husband