Sunday, September 20, 2009

I almost can't bear it.

Gold Star father John McKenna, pictured here with Kay Moody, Blue Star Mother extraordinaire, spoke at our monthly Blue Star Mothers meeting today. Mr. McKenna lost his handsome son three years ago in Iraq. Captain John McKenna IV was on his third tour of duty when he was shot while trying to go to the aid of a fellow Marine, Lance Corporal Michael D. Glover.
The father, John McKenna III, has started a foundation in memory of these two Marines and his latest effort is to establish a military courtesy room at Albany Airport. Albany Airport is too small for USO to serve, but plenty of service men and women come and go through here. Occasionally, soldiers on their way to Fort Drum in the northern Adirondacks get stranded by weather delays. Sometimes young and inexperienced, they may not have the money to book a motel room. Mr. McKenna says that the local sheriffs (there are always some on duty at the airport) will pool their money and get a room for a wayward soldier.
The new courtesy room will be well-stocked and staffed with volunteers so that traveling service men and women can have a quiet place to snooze, something to eat, and a phone to call home. What a terrific idea.
Mr. McKenna will need some donations: recliners (a bunch of those) a microwave, a TV or two, some video games... Please contact him if you can help. Thank you.