Saturday, September 19, 2009

Gardening with the Simpsons (Doh!)

Marge Simpson used to subscribe to a magazine called Better Homes Than Yours. This came to mind today as the HH* and I were doing some yard work. We planted a couple of shrubs, lopped off some errant limbs, and generally tried to tidy things up.
Good gardeners no doubt have some lovely things going on in their yards at this time of year but weeds and slug-eaten hostas seem to be the theme around here right now.

Still, there are some things in bloom here and there and I think that if I had been more conscientious about pruning and weeding a little earlier, I might have more to enjoy.

I resolve to do better next year. For now, I will keep weeding and dividing.
A tip I picked up somewhere: I now use inexpensive plastic knives in a variety of colors to mark where I have stuck in some small transplant. By next spring, I will not remember what I have tucked in where, and these markers tell me the (approximate) color and the location of the things I do not wish to accidentally yank out again.

* HH = Handsome Husband
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