Thursday, August 27, 2009

One big thank you and one wry observation (unrelated)

A sincere thank you to the generous folks of the downtown Saratoga Springs Borders bookstore who donated three large cartons of good coffee to the Blue Star Mothers yesterday. The BSMs will use the coffee in the goodie boxes our group sends to two 10th Mountain platoons from Fort Drum who are currently deployed in Afghanistan. We understand that good coffee is a popular commodity there, for soldiers who may have to be up and alert during times when mess halls may not be serving. So, again: Thank you, Borders folks.

What does this say about the New York Mets season: A few days ago, I was able to purchase a good quality Mets cap for $1.99 from my local Price Chopper grocery store. It was marked down from $19.00. My husband said, for that price, I should have bought the whole cart. I guess he's thinking next year can't possibly be this bad. But don't we always hope that? According to The New York Post, an estimated $88 million of the Mets' current payroll is going to players on the disabled list. Thus, caps for sale at 10 cents on the dollar.
Sorry, my children. I had no idea that raising you as Mets fans would turn out to be such a curse. No wonder son John has decamped to the Red Sox.