Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rain Copakes Fallin' on my head

A Way to Garden is a blog I like to follow, so when I read that the author's garden would be part of the Hidden Gardens tour during Copake Falls Day on August 22, I was ready to go. Despite the rain, the HH* and I headed to a little corner of upstate New York that I had not been to before. At the north end of the Taconic Parkway in Columbia County, near where Massachusetts and Connecticut come together, there are some lovely small towns with farms and state forests intertwined. Nestled onto a hillside there is the home and garden of Margaret Roach, former garden editor and editorial director of Martha Stewart Living magazine. Ms. Roach's garden looked terrific, despite the date (anyone who has a garden knows that late August is not usually when one wants to show it off) and despite days of rain following a summer of rain. But in addition to her skill and energy, I think Ms. Roach's garden may hold up well because it has more of a foliage base than most home gardens. She has lots of specimen trees, shrubs, and tall grasses which are less prone to August blahs than traditional perennial borders.
Ms. Roach also had the advantage of starting from an awesome setting (charming old farmhouse, those mountain views...)
Talk about having a garden with good bones!
The garden rambles over a couple of acres and one detail I liked best were the many pairs of chairs set just so around the property. They look
very inviting for visitors and, I imagine, for the gardener herself who may want to sit for a minute while deciding what to tackle next.
There were several other Copake Falls gardens open for touring yesterday and I enjoyed those, as well. Here, in one attractive cottage garden in the village, a friendly goldfish seems to asking for a kiss.

And I liked this old pitcher set casually in a bird bath.
As for the rest of Copake Falls Day, the HH* also enjoyed the afternoon concert at St. John in the Wilderness Church. One "if you go" tip: Don't count on reconnecting with rambling spouse via cell phone. The coverage there is spotty, to say the least. We needed a back up plan and did not have one. You would think we are old enough to know better.
Click on photos to enlarge.
See more of my photos from Copake Falls at this Kodak gallery link. The first ones are all of Margaret Roach's garden. When you see a white garage and arbor, there begins photos of the six or so other gardens on the tour. See also A Way to Garden link for more and far superior photos by Margaret Roach herself.
*HH = Handsome Husband