Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bee Balm Gal and Handsome Husband (HH) are just back from a west coast visit with eldest son and his family. More about that soon.

I already have an eye on the weekend ahead. Rural Intelligence has a good promotion of Copake Falls Day, which summarizes nicely why I hope to be there:

But, for some of us, the best reason for attending Copake Falls Day is the Hidden Gardens Tour; particularly, the chance to see the garden of Margaret Roach. Former editor of Martha Stewart Living and for many years prior that publication’s gardening editor, Roach, who now edits a gardening blog, A Way to, has seen a lot of the best gardens in the U.S.. She has picked the brains of the people who created them so she could write about them, and all this rarefied know-how shows in her own plot of land. It’s not every gardener who dares to throw open her gate to visitors at the end of August. Either Roach is very generous, very brave, or she’s got August licked.
(Photo is from A Way to Garden)

My own garden is looking seriously neglected after a week away. I might better spend Saturday cleaning up my own space than ogling someone else's, but you know how that goes...