Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fully Phloxed

While much of my garden either has the August blahs or is struggling to recover from the ceaseless rains of July, suddenly we have phlox to admire. Here, along with some eponymous bee balm, is the glowing color and sweet scent of summer phlox in abundance.

I think this one, on the left, may be "Bright Eyes". It was planted by the previous home owner (who had a penchant for purple) so I don't know for sure.
We also have this one, variety unknown.

This evening, there was a good deal of action going on here if one watched quietly from the deck. A chipmunk appeared, leaped up and quietly drank from the bird bath. A hummingbird visited the bee balm. A rose-breasted grosbeak came to the feeder.

And I need a better camera to capture it all.

Click on photos for a closer look.