Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The eye of the beholder

One of my many guilty pleasures is shopping at garage sales and thrift shops. I even confess to having, on occasion, picked up discarded treasures from the side of the road. I'd probably do that more often but it feels a tad embarrassing.
This past Saturday's garage sale haul is pictured here. Click to enlarge photos. To some eyes, it doesn't look too promising. But stick with me while I try out various ideas for repurposing these goodies.
Let me tell you what's here:
We have, on the left (upside down in this photo) an old cast iron stand for a hot water heater, or so the seller told me. Next to that is a rusty cast iron table base.
On the white towel are five red painted cast iron animal shapes, handmade. Their original purpose was to be used for target practice. The seller had a whole box of these, some used, complete with bullet holes, and some like mine apparently unused.
The three nesting mixing bowls were in perfect condition and
a good deal. They look unused, are dishwasher and microwave safe and come from Williams-Sonoma. A similar set of seven bowls on the Williams-Sonoma web site costs $159 before tax and shipping, or about $23 a piece. I paid just $5 for this set of three.
Maybe our army bride would like them when she returns from deployment and begins to set up housekeeping with her HH*.
I have some ideas as to how I will use the table base and stand in my garden. Not too sure what I'll do with the animal targets, but I couldn't pass them up. The thing is, they are heavy and not very stable when just propped on a shelf or mantle. Any thoughts?
To be continued...
*As always, HH =handsome husband.