Monday, August 3, 2009

Raining cats and dogs and birds, oh my!

For those of you in far off dry places, this is what we've been dealing with in the northeast all summer. On Sunday afternoon it just poured unrelentingly.

During the worst of it, a very bedraggled sparrow sat on my front porch rocking chair looking quite discouraged.
The photo isn't very good because I didn't want to get too close and risk driving the poor fellow back out into the elements. But you get the idea.

Today, the sun finally shone and HH* was able to get the back yard mowed. I spent a bit of time rescuing drowning deck plants and propping up floundering phlox. Real down-on-my-knees weeding needs to be done but it was way too buggy to endure much of that. Maybe our visiting sparrow is hungry for lots of yummy mosquitoes...

One of my own little chicks, off serving her country in Afghanistan, was hoping for a yummy treat, too. And since it was too buggy for yard work, I did just happen to find time today to bake and mail off what she'd requested: a loaf of banana bread, made from her late grandmother's recipe. Wish I could mail you some rain, too, my sweet!

*HH = Handsome Husband