Saturday, August 1, 2009

Troy Arts and Eats

The HH* and I spent last evening at Troy Night Out admiring both the work of local artists and and the novelty of a pleasant summer evening without rain. The photo shows HH on the left (aka Bob Conner of PlanetAlbany) chatting with friend, former colleague, and fine photographer David Brickman, on the right, at the Clement Art Gallery. David is currently in three separate shows in Troy, but the Clement has several of his new abstract color photos. The photo in the bottom left of this promotional card is one of David's. See more of David's photos on line and check out his Get Visual blog.

HH and I later ate at The River Street Cafe, to which I must give mixed reviews. What I did like was: our very pleasant waiter, the delightful sunset view from our table, a delicious and interesting pea soup with a touch of Asian flavor (wish I knew what was in it) and possibly the best bread I've ever eaten. The waiter said it came from Berkshire Mountain Bakery which is not very near us, but will be worth pursuing his tip on a closer store that sometimes carries it.
I will skip the negatives of our meal. I would go back for the bread and soup alone.

Photo shows the view from our table at The River Street Cafe in Troy, NY.

* HH = Handsome Husband