Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Solace from a midsummer border

A sombre occasion brought me to Lake George today. The father of two young sisters I know, both former students of mine, had passed away unexpectedly. His funeral was today at the little gem of a Catholic church there, Sacred Heart. Against its gray stone walls, a perennial border was supplying some beauty to an otherwise tough morning. I remember reading several years ago about an elderly parishioner, a lady who was legally blind but who nonetheless carefully tended this garden each summer. I don't know if it can still be she who keeps this garden up, but someone gets credit for continuing her tradition. I appreciate and admire this "garden ministry".
Looking at this garden after the funeral mass today, I thought of a line in the Prayer of Final Commendation we read together: May we appreciate every moment of life and cherish each day. And don't such gardens help us do just that?
Please note: clicking on the photo will enlarge it for a closer look.

Stealing a good idea (plus hearty eats in Bend, Oregon)

My eldest son and his wife have just opened a new restaurant, Brother Jon's Public House, in Bend, Oregon, along with their business partner, Steve. Back home in upstate NY, I trawled the Internet to see if their restaurant had been reviewed anywhere yet. I discovered that it had, by an entertaining blogger at Bend Oregon Restaurants . Aside from appreciating the good review for beloved son's enterprise, I especially like that this reviewer donates the proceeds from his blog to a local charity. What a great idea. So great, in fact, that I am stealing it. Later today, as I learn the ropes of adding things to this blog, I will add a similar charitable link and embark on "monetizing" this baby.
In the mean time, if you're heading to Bend, Oregon anytime soon, stop in and say hi to John for me. Tell him his mother sent you.
Note: photo credit goes to The Source Weekly where you can also read more about Brother Jon's Public House.